Product worksheets

Predefined "product tabs"

These spreadsheets contain "product tabs" for use in the Product Mixer spreadsheet. To use these: Have the Product Mixer spreadsheet open, open one of these spreadsheets; right click on the product tab which you'd like to use in the mixer spreadsheet; choose "copy;" and choose the "to document." (If you don't see the Product Mixer spreadsheet as a "to document," then it's probably not open.).

These worksheets are kept separately because spreadsheets can be slow when they have many "tabs" like these. (I moved Fox Farms and General Hydroponics products into their own sheets because the "other products" sheet was getting slow.).

Important: Companies change their fomulations over time. You should verify the details of any products found in these sheets is correct.

Other products

This spreadsheet (download) contains a variety of other products I've added as product tabs. This includes some generic items like gypsum, epsom salt, et al.

Products - Other.ods

Fox Farm products

This spreadsheet (download) contains some Fox Farm products.

Products - Fox Farm.ods

General Hydroponics

This spreadsheet (download) contains some Gen. Hydro products.

Products - General Hydroponics.ods