Overview, soil & water


This site contains information about growing cannabis which I have collected over the years. Often someone will want to grow a plant, but not know where to start. Searching for info can be confusing because there are so many conflicting ways to grow, it's never clear if something you read is specific to soil, hydro or soilless.

I put this information together with those persons in mind. If you just do what I do, you should have a successful grow. The way I grow doesn't require a lot of fancy, specialty items. In fact, I don't even pH anything.

NOTICE: This information is intended for individuals who have the ability to grow in jurisdictions where it is legal to do so. Please be aware of the laws in your area.


This PDF describes the light, airy soil I use; and various topics related to soil generally (including germination).


This page discusses the topic of water -- which can be more complicated than you'd think.

See also the Nutrients page for my feeding schedule, and a very useful Product Mixer spreadsheet. And the Lighting page for information about the lighting you can use, especially inexpensive household LED lightbulbs.